What is Bear

Bear is an install profile for Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 which is intended for use as a starter kit for any type of Drupal project. Check out Bear's Features.

What is Bear Skin

Bear Skin is the Drupal starter theme included with the Bear install profile. Bear Skin comes with a sub-theme, Bear Coat, which contains some basic styling. Bear and Bear Skin can function independently. The Bear Skin theme, like the Bear install profile, is intended as a starter kit that you can customize as needed. Why Bear Bear is a play on words: you get a bare site ready to build upon. Bear’s mission is to minimize the time needed to start a new Drupal project without sacrificing the quality of the build; to standardize on a set of modules and base configuration that adds efficiency to your process; and to ensure that best practices are followed on every project without requiring additional work.

Who is Bear

Bear is brought to you by Zivtech. Part of our process is to keep improving Bear to provide additional value for all our clients. When our team is low on client work, Bear is one of the internal projects we work on to improve our efficiency and quality. The Bear project is led by our CTO Jody Hamilton. Many Zivtechnicians have worked on Bear, most notably Jason Moore (Bear) and Alban Bailly (Bear Skin).

Bear for developers

Bear is an install profile but it is not a Drupal distribution. Using Bear to start your project does not lock you into anything nor will you do any updates to Bear. Treat Bear’s custom modules, themes, and Behat tests as though they are your own custom modules, themes, and tests. Edit them as you please. Bear exists to get you started faster, not to get in your way with another Drupal layer to override. Bear is opinionated, but if you disagree with some of its opinions you may still find it to be a great project to fork into your own starter kit. Because Bear is quite simple and well documented (there are no disconcerting ‘magic’ modules in Bear) it should not take you long to understand it. Bear for site owners and editors Bear will make your life better with its focus on usability improvements, and saves you money by providing well-tested out-of-the-box features.

Bear Resources

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  • Github development